Arts and Crafts

Cutting and pasting, painting, sculpting, drawing, printing, preserving memories, and construction with fibers and other materials are all exciting hands-on activities in the arts and crafts project. Experience different careers, culture, science and technology that are available. Explore your creativity and discover a hobby that you might enjoy for the rest of your life.

You can experience art with personal attitude with Advanced Visual Arts. Budding artists manipulate fiber, construct sculpture and draw in Sketchbook Crossroads. Portfolio Pathways affords the opportunities to create and communicate through printing, painting and graphic designing. Learn how to communicate through pictures, how to draw attention to a particular area of the page or picture, and how to use colors to highlight your picture or story in Arts and Computers. In the Scrapbooking unit, you can create a scrapbook and preserve memories to share with generations to come by working with cropping and matting, designing pages, color basics, embellishments and more.