4-H Camps

4-H camps are conducted by individual county 4-H programs or by cooperating groups of counties.

The 4-H camp experience

4-H camp has a rich history and tradition in Missouri. 4-H staff have conducted camps for more than 60 years. Historically, 4-H camps were some of the original users of the group camp facilities found in Missouri state parks, and today many 4-H camps still use them. 

4-H programs offer a variety of camping experiences.

  • Residential camps for one or more nights
  • Day camps
  • Special interest camps such as Aerospace Camp
  • Camps designed for specific age groups such as camps for 8-11 year olds, Clover Kid Camp (less 8 years of age), teen camp and counselor training.

Each camp program group determines which camps to offer according to their individual needs and abilities. Whatever the camp, it offers an opportunity for youth to gain independence and important life skills while in a safe environment.

Camping also provides opportunities to experience new and exciting activities. Climbing walls, swimming, archery, canoeing and many other activities are offered in a safe, supervised environment where campers can explore new areas of interest with encouragement from trained counselors and staff.

Benefits of camp

Summer camp is one of the most valuable learning experiences a child can have! Young people need strong relationships and emotional skills to meet today's challenges. Through camping, young people learn independence, responsibility, how to get along with others and how to make the right decisions. Camp promotes cooperation, teamwork and respect for other people and our natural environment.

Learn what camp can do for your child from famous people who have been there! Camp is much more than silly songs and campfires. Every child deserves a chance to go to camp. Check out the videos below or get more information from the American Camp Association.