State specialist contact: Alison Copeland

CL521 Sewing 1

• Get prepared to sew (notions, color, fabrics, and sewing machine parts)
• Learn about fabrics and fibers
• Layout, cut out and mark patterns
• Sew plain, zigzag and curved seams

  • STEAM Clothing 1: FUNdamentals

  • CL522 Sewing 2

    • Learn about fabrics
    • Finish a seam, sew darts and gathers and sew a button and button hole
    • Sew a pocket, sleeve, cuffs and collar and use interfacing
    • Learn hand sewing skills

  • STEAM Clothing 2: Simply Sewing

  • CL523 Sewing 3

    • Learn about sergers, fabric pressing techniques, and specialty seam and hem finishes
    • Experiment with fabric properties, laundry detergents and additives
    • Learn to adjust and design patterns and use interfacing and lining
    • Learn tailoring techniques and how to develop a business out of sewing skills

  • STEAM Clothing 3: A Stitch Further

  • CL524 Shopping in Style

    • Gain an understanding of cultural influences in clothing choices
    • Create a personal clothing budget
    • Learn about clothing care, repair and storage
    • Compare and contrast different purchasing options

  • Shopping in Style

  • CL- For All Levels Consumerism (Clothes You Buy)


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