Target audience: Intermediate (ages 11–13) and Senior (ages 14–18). Can be adapted for Juniors (ages 8–10).

State specialist contact: Steven A. Henness

LO441 Entrepreneurship (Citizenship)

Start your own business! Join a team of young executives in learning how to launch and run a small business. Grasp how entrepreneurs find good ideas and get them off the ground. Build business skills to work more effectively as a team. Plan a group fundraising project. Investigate options, see business opportunities, find a bright idea, make a plan, and go for it.

  • EntrepreneurShip Investigation: Camp Guide with Clifton Youth Strengths Explorer

  • EP442 Entrepreneurship 1

    Become a business investigator. Find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Investigate yourself, your family and who is down the block.

  • ESI Unit 1 - Discover the E-Scene
  • ESI Unit 1, Discover the E-Scene with Clifton Youth Strengths Explorer

  • EP443 Entrepreneurship 2

    Take your business investigation to the next level. Investigate what you value and how you can make a difference, dress like a pro, manage your time and make the sale.

  • ESI Unit 2 - Analizando Mi Caso: Investigacion Sobre Actitudes Empresariales
  • ESI Unit 2 - The Case of Me

  • EP444 Entrepreneurship 3

    Finish as a master business investigator. Explore your business ideas, set goals, conduct market research, determine a price, manage your money and plan and run your own biz.

  • ESI Unit 3 - Your Business Inspection

  • EP For All Levels


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