Fashion Revue

Registration will open July 1 and close August 31, 2018

Eligible youth must complete the registration and the Garment Data Forms on the 4-H Online site.

4-H youth staff members must approve each registration verifying youth eligibility in 4HOnline. 

Online registration must be completed on 4-H Online by August 31.  No late registrations will be accepted!

Cost is $40 per person.


Refund/cancelation policy
No refunds are allowed.

Instructions for completing forms
We need to know what participants will be wearing in the State 4-H Fashion Revue. Your ensemble and accessories should reflect the season for which they are intended to be worn, and should not be altered just because the Fashion Revue is held in the summer. It is important that a complete description of the outfit be given on the Garment Data Forms. Describe the specific details that make up the design. (The back of the pattern envelope is a good source of descriptive terms for those in the Clothes You Make category).

Please fill in the requested information as accurately as possible.  The Garment Data Forms are used for news releases and commentary. 

The Garment Data Forms must include one full-length, color photograph of you wearing the complete outfit (including accessories) that you will model at the State Fashion Revue. This photo may be taken at your 4-H county event. The photo is used for category placements and background information for the judges and fashion show coordinator. The photo should fit the area designated on the registration form.

For eligibility or competition questions, contact Alison Copeland at 882-8807 or