There are many ways to be a 4-H volunteer!  To find out what is needed in your area, contact your local 4-H Specialist.  Choose your county below to start exploring the possibilities!

Featured VolunteerVolunteer Theresa

Theresa Shettlesworth

Fairview Friends Club Leader

Boone County, 17 years:


I have been a 4-H leader for 17 years and I was a 4-Her in the same club I lead for 10 years. I lead several projects for our club, foods and sewing are my favorite. The sewing project is a county wide project, we’ve had as many as 25 members at meeting. We meet about once a month for 2-3 hours. I encourage my club to participate in various service projects each year. Sometimes we clean up trash or we will do a canned food drive. Helping others is a very important part of 4-H. Sometimes that means helping kids learn something new, sometimes it means volunteering for a project or event, and other times it is a service project.

I like what 4-H stands for, leadership, helping others and learning new skills. I really enjoy watching the kids get more comfortable with speaking to a group.  It is great to see a kid who in the beginning of the year was too timid to say “here” when their name was called, to now giving a demonstration in front of the club.  I also like seeing the kids evolve in the sewing project. They start to understand how to sew and become more confident sewers and start really wanting to make more things and tackle harder projects. That is really neat to see.  

As a 4-Her, my mom was a leader and volunteer. I knew from watching her that I would one day be a 4-H volunteer. My mom was the chair for the Boone County Fashion Revue Committee and a sewing leader. Now I am the Fashion Revue Chair and a sewing leader. I am motivated by the kids. I want them to love 4-H like I do. I don’t mind giving extra time to a kid or family if that will help the member succeed or feel successful.  I get just as excited as the kids when they finish a project or get past a really trick part of a pattern. Their accomplishments are what drive me to continue leading.  Volunteer opportunities are easy to find in 4-H. Adults are needed to be project leaders, club leaders, and parent helpers. If someone doesn’t want to have that level of commitment, we are always looking for guest speakers or demonstrators at club meetings. Extra helpers at sewing meetings are always welcome and needed, my co-leader and I really appreciate anyone who jumps in to help.