What is FilmFest 4-H?

FilmFest 4-H is a national film festival.  It is for youth are are filmmakers, visual artists, aspiring actors, and for those who are just interested in meeting other creative people! 

FilmFest helps youth become producers, not just consumers, of digital media








Russ Weston at FilmFest 4-H

Russ Weston at FilmFest 4-H

Wyatt Weed at FilmFest 4-H

Wyatt Weed at FilmFest 4-H

Tater Hauviland at FilmFest 4-H

True/False's David Wilson at FilmFest 4-H

Why should I consider FilmFest 4-H?

Because this is the single best opportunity for youth to have this level of access and experience with the film industry without spending thousands of dollars. 

For many youth, some part of filmmaking (editing, acting, prop making, scriptwriting, visual arts, etc.) is their "spark," that special something that motivates and drives them from deep within. 4-H Positive Youth Development is all about helping youth find and nurture those sparks, to help put them on a positive trajectory in ways that last a lifetime!

What do I need to attend FilmFest 4-H?

An All Access Pass and a chaperone.  The passes (one for you, one for your chaperone) can each be purchased on the main page of this website when they become available. 

Our venue this year is the beautiful Drury Plaza Hotel.  This new and modern hotel offers FilmFest 4-H attendees a special $99 conference rate that includes free wi-fi, parking, continental breakfast, and light supper! 

Why don't we know the list of professionals who will be attending?

The professionals who work with FilmFest 4-H are genuinely good people who essentially volunteer their time.  This allows us to offer FilmFest at such an accessible price!  Before committing, they must be sure that lucrative projects they are working on will not call them away during the time they plan to be with us.  For this reason, presenter announcements come in the weeks before the actual event.  For a look at our presenters from the last several years, click here!

Do I need a parent or chaperone with me?

Either one will do!  As with every 4-H event, youth must have a responsible adult attached to them.  That adult can be a parent or a chaperone for an entire a group, just like any other 4-H event.

The adult will also need to purchase an All Access Pass.

Do I have to be a filmmaker, or enrolled in a 4-H film project, to attend the film festival?

Absolutely not.  Most participants are teens (and their adults) with an interest in things like film, acting, visual arts, stagecraft, digital media, special effects, makeup, etc.


Isn't there a registration form?

Registration is all electronic, and the form can be found here

Many of our attendees come as part of a 4-H group, and the group itself may have forms to fill out (such as registration, health, and photo release forms), in accordance with their own state's 4-H policies.


Do I have to stay at the FilmFest event space?

No, but it does give you the best experience and can save you money. You will be on-site for everything, and get an attractive FilmFest conference rate.

What is covered in the All Access Pass?

Your All Access Pass covers all workshops, events and festivities of FilmFest 4-H, lunches Monday & Tuesday, and a fun field trip.  You are on your own for lodging, evening meals Monday and Tuesday, as well as evening entertainment on Monday. 

What does the schedule look like?

The details of the daily schedule are still being finalized, but it will follow the same general pattern as our last several years.  There is a fun gathering on Sunday evening, with light fingerfood-type fare.  On Monday and Tuesday there are workshops in the morning and afternoon, with lunch provided.  Everyone is on their own in the evenings, but the hotel offers a light dinner buffet.  Wednesday morning’s schedule includes more film-related activities and the awards ceremony, with FilmFest ending shortly before noon. 


What do the workshops entail?

FilmFest 4-H workshops are where film industry professionals teach professional techniques and practices.  They tell you about what they do, how they do it, and explore ways that some of these practices can be accomplished on a teenager’s budget.  You can also ask all the questions you like, and take pictures with them for free!
Will I get a chance to meet any of the film industry professionals?

Yes, and they actually enjoy meeting you also.  Beyond the interactive workshops, there are opportunities to chat with them afterwards, and even get pictures and an autograph if you wish.  Many of our presenters like to sit in on the other workshops, attend the screenings, and enjoy FilmFest experience themselves.

What's the policy on social media and mobile devices at FilmFest?

Social media is encouraged, and selfies are totally legit.  The hashtag is #FilmFest4H and you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

When is the deadline to submit a film?

The deadline is July 15.  For all film categories (see below) except One Minute Movie's, the submission fee is $15/film through June 1 and $20/film from June 2 to July 1.  For One Minute Movie films, the fee is $5/film through June 1 and $15/film from June 2 through July 1.  The link for the film submission form is on the home page.

What are the categories?

Films may be submitted in any one of the following categories:

  • Narrative – A film which tells a story.  Can be based on fact or fiction.

  • Documentary – A film which presents factual information about a person, event or process.

  • Animation – A film created by techniques that simulate movement from individual images.

  • Promotional  This category is for films or public service announcements that are meant to publicize 4-H programs or some other cause that you are passionate about.

  • Voices of 4-H History – A historical perspective on 4-H.  May be a narrative, documentary, animation, etc.

  • One Minute Movie  - "60 seconds, start to finish!"  Any questions?

Do I have to attend in person to submit a film?

No, but those who put in the time and effort to travel and attend FilmFest 4-H do get rewarded.  Youth who do not attend can still submit films for competition, have their films screened, and may place. However, only the youth who actually attend FilmFest 4-H will be eligible for prizes If a 3rd place finisher is not present, for example, they still win 3rd place but the 4th place finisher who is present will be awarded their prize. 

Can I just catch it next year?

One exciting thing about FilmFest 4-H is that each year may be the last...but we know it's happening in 2019!


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    Denis Maloney at FilmFest 4-H

Audience reacts to Denis Maloney at FilmFest 4-H    Denis Maloney at FilmFest 4-H

Wyatt Weed at FilmFest 4-H

Jeff Lewis at FilmFest 4-H

Farrel Levy and Sandy Tung at FilmFest 4-H

    Russ Weston at FilmFest 4-H