Kids Helping Kids

Difficult times and disasters can affect everyone. When times are at their worst, it is nice to know that someone cares and wants to offer help. Kids Helping Kids is a program devoted to helping Missouri 4-H families.

Kids Helping Kids provides financial grants to 4-H members and their families who have been affected by natural disasters, medical emergencies or fires. The fund consists of contributions from 4-H members, clubs, families, volunteers and alumni in Missouri.

Coordinated by the Missouri State 4-H Council and the Missouri 4-H Foundation, the fund was established after the flood of 1993. The money was used to provide much needed relief to families affected by the flood. In 1996, the scope of the fund was broadened to include family emergencies.

To make a donation by check, please complete and return the Kids Helping Kids Gift Form (PDF).

To make a donation by credit card, add "Kids Helping Kids" in the "Gift Instructions" section.