Volunteer Recognition

The Missouri 4-H Foundation recognizes the work of Missouri 4-H friends and volunteers through annual recognition and awards programs.

Individuals who have created exceptional legacies of service and dedication to Missouri 4-H are recognized and honored with membership in the Missouri 4-H Hall of Fame.

The Nelson Trickey 4-H Bridge Builder Award is given annually to an individual, team of individuals, or an organization that works to provide opportunities for the integration of positive youth development into the local community or to the state of Missouri.

The Frank Graham 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award recognizes 4-H volunteers for their hard work and dedication to Missouri's youth. Each county may honor up to two 4-H volunteers annually. The award is named in honor of Frank Graham, former director of the MU Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development and founding member of the Missouri 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Naomi Crouch 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award recognizes 4-H volunteers and organizations that have made notable contributions to 4-H youth. The statewide recognition is awarded annually to two volunteers and one organization. The award is named in honor of Naomi Mohler Crouch, in remembrance of her dedication to the youth of Missouri. Mrs. Crouch served as a Missouri 4-H Foundation Trustee and Chair, and was a Clay County 4-H parent and volunteer.

The Missouri 4-H Century Family Award recognizes 4-H families with a long, sustaining involvement in the 4-H program. Missouri 4-H families with a combined 100 years or more of membership and/or volunteer service in 4-H are eligible to be recognized.

For more information about annual volunteer recognition programs contact the Missouri 4-H Foundation at 4hfoundation@missouri.edu or 1-800-642-8041.