Tributes and Memorials

You can recognize and honor a friend or family member while providing support to the Missouri 4-H Youth Development Program.

Make a tribute or memorial to remember special people in your life for anniversaries, awards, birthdays, new arrivals, times of sympathy and other special occasions. Tributes and memorials are acknowledged to whomever you designate, without reference to the size of the gift.

Tribute and memorial envelopes are available from your local University of Missouri Extension or by contacting the Missouri 4–H Foundation.

Tribute gifts were made between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015 in honor or memory of the following:

  • Marilyn and Charles Brougher
  • Linda Chubbuck
  • William "Bill" Mohler Crouch
  • Don Donath
  • Betty George
  • G. Graham
  • Ken Hoemann
  • Jane and Fred Koogler
  • Susan Lindsey
  • Julia Marsh
  • James McLarney
  • LaFern Schoen
  • Margery Slaughter
  • Emily Smith
  • Nelson Trickey
  • Betty Vahle