4-H Marshall Mentor Program

The Marshall Mentor Program helps youth understand the importance of empathy, strength, courage, perseverance, kindness, and forgiveness and challenges them to put these traits into action. The program utilizes high school teen mentors to deliver Marshall the Miracle Dog's cornerstone messages. By supporting their younger peers, the mentors are developing as future leaders in their communities.

Mentors will develop and strengthen their leadership skills through mentor training and program implementation as they assist younger peers in developing an understanding of the five cornerstones of the Marshall Mentor Program.

Mentors are likely to experience other positive developmental outcomes as a result of delivering the Marshall Mentor Program to younger peers.  They are likely to demonstrate growth in important career- related life skills such as:

Leadership Problem Solving Goal Setting
Team Building Public Speaking Responsibility
Role Modeling Self-confidence Tolerance
Achievement Sense of contributing New relationships


Curriculum and educational materials for the Marshall Mentor Program can be found at the 4-H mall.

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