4-H Million Trees

4-H members, families, project groups, community clubs, afterschool clubs, school enrichment programs and camps are invited to participate in 4-H Million Trees. The project was conceived after a Pacifica (CA) 4-H member decided to do something to combat global climate change.

The vision

The vision is for 1,000,000 new trees to be planted by 4-H youth across the United States and Canada to offer numerous benefits:

  • Native trees will add beauty and heritage to urban, suburban and rural communities across the nation.

  • Local air quality will improve.

  • New trees absorb runoff and bring groundwater to the surface

  • Shade from these trees can help cool buildings, reduce air conditioning electricity needs and eliminate pollution and carbon emission associated with this power generation.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion will be offset by absorbing and sequestering about 48,000,000 million pounds of atmospheric carbon dioxide per year.

  • New trees replace trees lost to deforestation worldwide.

  • 4-H youth learn they make a difference and can change the world both individually and as a group.