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Missouri 4-Hers explore the impact of the equine industry

May 2011


The Missouri Equine Industry was filmed by the 2011 Missouri 4-H Equine Tour participants produced through a partnership with the Missouri Departments of Agriculture and Economic Development, the  4-H teens captured stories and footage as they toured the state’s premier equine enterprises and educational facilities.

Equine Trip participantsTraveling 1100 miles May 21-26, twenty-one horse-loving 4-H teens visited with Missouri’s finest equine professionals hearing their personal entrepreneurial stories and gaining insight into the wide range of related careers.

“Follow your dreams. Learn from the best. Get a college or trade school education. Fuel your passion. Work Hard. Develop sound business skills. Never give up! Always have a plan B, or even C. Grow your people skills. Success in the equine world is more about the heart than the checkbook. “

These common statements and sincere advice came from a wide range of Missouri’s successful equine enterprises:
Trail Boss Trailer Conversions, Myler Bits, CSI Saddle Pads, Crest Ridge and Timberline Saddles; educators from Stephens College, University of Missouri School of Veterinary Medicine, Heartland Horse Shoeing School; owners at the Ozark’s trail riding enterprises of Big Creek, Coldwater Ranch, and Cross Country Trail Rides; World Champion trainers/breeders. Jim Dudley, Karey Franz, Anita Howe, New Spring Trakehner Farm, Missouri Fox Trotter World Headquarters; Warm Springs Budweiser Clydesdale Breeding Farm; Dr. Foss, renowned equine reproduction specialist; Cedar Creek Equine Assisted Therapy Facility; and a look at the Missouri Mule and the Western Mule periodical.

Trail riding is one of the fastest growing aspects of the equine industry and riding in the Ozarks mountains gave the participants a firsthand experience of this popular Missouri recreation.

The fifth annual tour concluded with a dinner meeting at the Missouri Farm Bureau Home Office with special guests:
Blake Hurst, Missouri Farm Bureau President; Leslie Holloway, MFB Governmental Affairs Director; Diane Olson, MFB Education Director and Missouri 4-H Foundation Board Trustee; Jon Hagler, Missouri Director of Agriculture; Glen Klippenstein, 6th District Representative; Karen Craighead, Past President Missouri Equine Council / Equine Instructor Stephens College; and Russell Martin, Missouri Back Country Horseman Chair.

“This was absolutely the most inspiring part of our tour” was echoed over and over by the teens who welcomed the sincere support, critical advice and encouragement of their dreams.

The objectives of this Missouri 4-H event include a four year travel plan focusing on the equine industry indigenous in Missouri, Kentucky, Texas and Colorado. Earning the ‘Gold Horse Shoe Award’ for participating in the four tours has become a motivating aspiration for participants with many looking forward to the 2012 Kentucky adventure! Providing equine enthusiastic teens with this exceptional opportunity to develop realistic equine career dreams continues to be the goal of the University of Missouri Extension tour staff: Marci Crosby, MU Equine Instructor; Debbie Davis, Dale Hunsburger, Karen Branstetter, 4-H staff and retiree, Carol Parmenter.

Watch for the announcement of the tour’s production release in the upcoming months and 2012 Equine Tour information. Contact Debbie Davis at

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