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4-Hers attend camp to learn about world poverty and hunger

Global Village Experience
June 2011

Global Village participantsHow do we deal with unknowns in uncharted waters of life?  Fourteen teen age 4-H youth from six Missouri counties experienced Global Village as a part of a four day Heifer International Ranch's emersion camp to better understand world poverty and hunger. 

Global Village participants"They had no clue ahead of time what the camp would entail," said Ben Gallup, co-chaperone of the trip.  "It was amazing how high a communication functioning group they were," Gallup added.  "We suspected our 4-H group would work well together even though most had never met."

A twenty-two year veteran Heifer Ranch facilitator confirmed our notion when he noted that the group completed the challenges in a quarter of the time of other groups.  "It's so affirming to see young people work together as a team," said Donna Taake, trip chaperone and 4-H youth development specialist in the South East region.  "Communication and leadership skills are a strong indicator that 4-H is making an impact in the lives of youth.  This is our fourth trip with 4-H teens and each year they get better," she commented.

Village Global participants cooking in openIn the evaluations, the youth expressed a shared vision to help others, a respect for resources, and an appreciation for our quality of life in the best county in the world.  Because of this outing, the group is planning to rejoin the team to help rebuild a house in Joplin with Habitat for Humanity. 

The 4-Hers make us proud because they personify our pledge as a rudder to help them deal with uncharted waters of life... Head for clearer thinking; Heart for greater loyalty; Health for better living; Hands for larger service.  The power of one does make a difference.

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