State specialist contact: Bradd Anderson

PH351 Photography 1

Learn photography basics such as:
• Equipment
• Proper lighting
• Creating good composition to build your skills as a photographer

  • Photography Level 1 - Focus on Photography

  • PH352 Photography 2

    Advance your knowledge further with these skills:
    • Depth of field
    • Backlighting
    • Rule of thirds

  • Photography Level 2 - Controlling the Image

  • PH353 Photography 3

    • Learn more exciting techniques
    • Learn when rules of photography can be broken, how to use color to your advantage
    • Put together an attractive and interesting portfolio and learn how to exhibit your work professionally

  • Photography Level 3 - Mastering Photography

  • PH For All Levels

    We are no longer selling mat-board and photo sleeves.


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