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Learning activities and opportunities

Designed for groups of ten or more youth


Missouri 4-H has projects and activities to meet the needs and interests of almost any group of young people. 4-H programs are educational, fun, and action-oriented and provide a variety of experiences that can be adapted for different settings. Typical 4-H settings include school classrooms, after school programs, clubs, and camps. The following group learning opportunities are specifically designed for groups of 10 or more youth but most can easily be adapted for smaller groups.

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The activity leader can request copies of available publications.  Three copies will then be sent.  Most 4-H publications are free.  Others are available for a small fee.

For project material ordering information, use
LG911, Missouri 4-H Literature & Merchandise Order Form (PDF)
or order on line at Extension Publications.

4-H School Enrichment Certificates (For Staff Only)  

Locally-sponsored program
Check with your county MU Extension center to find out about the different opportunities available in your area.

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MY LOGO (Missouri Youth Engaged in Local Government)
The MY LOGO Program is designed to teach middle and high-school students about local government and to involve them in issues confronting their communities. The basic format uses classroom learning, site visits, student-led action projects, and/or local government project fairs. The program is easily modified to meet each community’s local needs and circumstances.
Show Me Standards Goals: 1, 2, 3, 4; Content – Social Studies 1, 2.


MY LOGO Teacher’s Manual
Online at cech-up.org



Sandy Diamond

Citizenship Education Clearing House
University of Missouri-St. Louis
8001 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO 63121

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Community service
Allows 4-H members to develop and carry out a project or projects aimed at enhancing the community.  Projects may include planning trees, renovating historical sites and cleaning up the environment.

Additional information
Community service activity ideas

  • LG13, Show-Me Character Brochure (order)
  • LG14, Ethics in the Workplace Guide (order)
  • LG15, Show-Me Character Guide (order) 

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4-H Living Interactive Family Education (LIFE)
The 4-H LIFE Program is an enhanced visitation program that strengthens relationships between incarcerated parents and their chidlren.  The program has three integrated components:

  • Parenting classes to develop incarcerated parents' skill in relating to their children and the caregiver who is raising them.

  • Planning meetings designed to teach the incarcerated parents how to plan age-appropriate, educational activities for the visits with their children at the correctional center.

  • Monthly 4-H LIFE family/club visits with the incarcerated parents, the children and caregivers.  The visit in enhanced through a more family-friendly visiting room atmosphere that includes a 4-H club meeting, 4-H projects and fun, family strengthening activities.

Additional information

4-H LIFE Program Staff Guide


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A14: Operation: Military Kids
Heroes come in many sizes.  In fact, many of the unsung heroes of the global war on terrorism are military children.  Operation: Military Kids allows 4-H clubs to support Missouri's military families in a number of ways, including:

  • Hero Packs
    This project involves assembling a backpack with a few suggested items and a handwritten letter to a young person who has a deployed family member. The backpacks would be distributed by the club or through the local University of Missouri Extension center.

  • Speak Out for Military Kids
    After doing research or talking with young people of military families, 4-H members may talk with local service organizations or groups about what it is like to be a child with a deployed family member.

  • Mobile Tech Lab
    The 4-H club can reserve a 15 computer, mobile technology lab for use with children of military families

Additional information
Missouri Operation: Military Kids

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Hatching chicks in the classroom (grades 2-5)

This curriculum brings action and experience to the classroom, using a still-air incubator. Students observe the development of the chick in the egg, hatching and post-hatch care.

Show Me Standards Goals 1, 3; Content - Science 3, 4, 7



LG1502, Hatching Classroom Projects

Resources - Just for Staff

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Embryology: experiments in poultry science (grades 6-8)

This curriculum is designed to provide you with background information and exciting experiential activities dealing with life science for use in your classroom. Each activity is designed to be grade-level appropriate and has been correlatedto U.S. National Science Education Standards.
Show Me Standards Goals 1, 3; Content - Science 3, 4, 7

LG1503, embryology: experiments in poultry science

Resources - Just for Staff

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Community Mapping
A service learning activity involving youths, citizens, community professionals and community decision-makers working together to learn and use geospatial tools and data to address community and environmental issues.  Geospatial tools are Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geological Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing. The community mapping process can be used for a wide range of service learning projects. 

Missouri community mapping

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Healthy lifestyles

As the saying goes, “when you have your health, you have everything!”  Health is the fourth “H” in the 4-H Clover and a common topic for youth today.  Nutrition, physical fitness and emotional well-being are just some of the health issues that contribute to healthy lifestyles for all individuals.  The following resources provide interactive activities that promote health for youth.  Youth can learn about healthy lifestyles, learn about themselves, and have fun!

  • The Couch Potato Challenge  
    The goal of this resource is to provide information about physical fitness and hands-on fitness activities.  Promote physical fitness by including these simple and easy-to-use activities in club meetings, camps, school programs or any other setting that includes young people.  Help them take the Couch Potato Challenge and engage in more physical activity.

  • The Dating Mystery…and all that Relationship Stuff
    Helps youth explore healthy relationships and positive ways to get along with others.  This resource uses popular movies to help young people discover and then discuss relationship issues that can be so confusing.  This activity is designed for youth ages 13 and older.
  • Steppin’ Out: Fitness Walking
    Walking offers a simple yet healthful approach to physical activity – one that almost anyone can achieve.  Help youth practice healthy behaviors by walking, either solo or with a group.  This resource provides walking information and activities designed to inspire healthy behavior!

Listed projects downloadable at Missouri 4-H healthy lifestyles

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Global education
4-H members can participate in activities designed to improve communication and understanding among people of different cultures.

LG2201, “…And My World…” (order) 
Missouri 4-H global education

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Recreation and leisure
Every club meeting should include games, songs and other activities in drama, music or sports.


  • LG582, Recreation Leader Handbook (order)
  • LG585, Social Recreation Leadership (order) 

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Streets to streams

This curriculum provides educators and students with background information and hands-on fun for children in grades 5 to 9 about the properties of water, watershed basics, stream ecology, dynamics of contaminants in water, and personal responsibility for one’s community.  The materials have been designed to help teachers involve students in hands-on activities rather than lecturing or reading to them.  Most require only inexpensive, readily available materials.  The authors have tried to suggest activities for students in urban and rural areas, and for students of different backgrounds and abilities.

LG9690, Leader’s Manual (order)

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Safety is everyone’s concern and business.  We suggest that a local 4-H club examine the safety needs in the community and develop a safety education program based on these needs.  Possible topics might include:  abandoned well identification and proper closing, fire alarms, seat belts, water safety, safety with pets, etc.

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A76: Self-Determined
Interests of members/leaders may go beyond the previously listed activities.  When this happens, they should feel free to design an activity that meets both the interests and needs of the group and perhaps the larger community.  In some counties, County 4-H Council approval may be required.

Y951, Choose Your Own Direction (order)

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Guide to exploring African-American culture
Through information, illustrations and fun activities, youth are challenged to explore African-American culture in the following areas:  skin and hair, language, arts and crafts, cuisine, music, poetry, holidays and notable African-Americans.


LG1000, Guide to Exploring African-American Culture (order)  

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Que' Rico! LaCultura - Latino cultural arts
Youth discover the Latino culture as they develop an understanding of the Latino people and their traditional art forms through the experience of instrument making, jewelry making, weaving, muraling and mask making.  Youths experience the celebrations that surround the holidays in the Latino culture.  Sample the flavors of the Latino people through the activities of storytelling, mosaics and yarn arts.

LG1100, Que' rico! LaCultura (order)
Latino/Hispanic outreach

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Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

Tornados, floods, earthquakes, ice storms - disasters happen. In the case of a wide spread disaster, professional emergency personnel will not be able to respond to every citizen’s needs. How can you learn the skills that will be needed before, during and after a disaster? Take the 4-H Teen CERT Training! This class covers basic, critical skills needed to prepare for and protect yourself, your family, your friends, and your community in the event of a disaster. 4-H youth and volunteers will work with youth staff and local emergency management agencies to plan and conduct the CERT training. For many communities, this program is the beginning of a youth-adult partnership for ongoing youth participation in community emergency response planning and training. Teen CERT teams will learn all the skills taught in the federal CERT program, be introduced to many career opportunities within the emergency response field, and help their community prepare for a disaster.

4-H teen CERT includes:

  • Disasters, disaster preparedness and mitigation

  • Light search and rescue

  • Disaster first-aid

  • Emotional first-aid

  • Disaster teamwork

  • Disaster communications

  • Animals in disasters

  • Technology in disaster preparation


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Citizenship – public adventures 
Discover public issues important to you and others by making things happen.  Plan a project.  Create, change or improve something that is valuable to many people.  Learn to be an active citizen in a democracy.  Public Adventures isn’t only about one project.  Public Adventures is about your engagement in changing a piece of the public world, discovering the possibilities of democratic citizenship and building a commitment to taking action in new and exciting ways.



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Youth-adult partnerships

Young people can contribute to their communities now - they do not have to wait until they are voting age!  4-H members can be planners, advisors, evaluators, decision-makers and more!  4-H members may serve on a local board or task force, be county extension council youth representatives, conduct community surveys, start new community programs or form youth councils.


Missouri youth-adult partnerships

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 Three, two, one... Action! 

3,2,1... Action! is a videography workshop for teams of youths and adults coming together to learn new skills and create public service announcements. Originally sponsored by Operation: Military Kids the workshop encourages PSA development about military youth programs, 4-H and life as a military kid. Teams are encouraged to include team members from Active Duty Military, National Guard, Reserves and community and must be interested in learning about information technology to create digital videos.

Participants will:

Learn marketable technology skills

Gain leadership skills

Use skills/knowledge you already have

Experience cutting-edge technology (digital video editing, Pinnacle, etc.)

Work with technology experts from around the world

Gain access to the latest technology tools

Develop a public service announcement using technology

Members of the 3, 2, 1...Action Team will help develop public service announcements that explain how Army youth programs and 4-H work together to make life for kids in the military and the community better.



3,2,1...Action! events


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Ever wonder what it would be like to start your own business, or to go into business with your friends? Do you currently earn money from a 4-H project? Do you and your friends have ideas for something you could market and sell to others? You could be entrepreneurs in the making! Entrepreneurship starts teams of youths out on the path to planning and doing what they love and loving what they do — for profit! Identify your team’s abilities, locate market opportunities in your community, learn from adult business owners, identify resources for your business, and launch your team’s venture!

Additional information 


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4 Habitat 

4 Habitat is a partnership between 4-H, MU Human Environmental Sciences–Architectural Studies Extension, and Habitat for Humanity. A 4-Habitat team integrates:

4-H/Extension staff, volunteer, and youth abilities and skills

Opportunities for 4-H youth to apply skills and practice service to others

Support for low-income homeowner families

Working with a Habitat for Humanity family, youth and volunteers engage in a service experience that enhance youth skills in the areas of project planning and implementation, home maintenance, interior design, energy efficiency, landscaping and nutrition. A family learns about interior design and to care for their new home in a more energy efficient and cost efficient manner.


Additional information

4 Habitat


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Move Across Missouri (MOVE)
Move Across Missouri promotes physical activity! MOVE encourages youth to engage in physical activities they enjoy from a broad range of possibilities such as, walking, biking, running, swimming, dance, taekwondo, gardening, and more. Using an online system youth and their families can “log” the number of miles they accumulate throughout the year and during the competitive component of the MOVE program. 4-H members can enroll in the online MOVE program as individuals or as a part of a team. A team may consist of a family or members of a 4-H club or group. MOVE awards will be provided! Stay tuned!

Additional information
N864, My Activity Log (order)
Move Across Missouri


Environmental stewardship: conserving natural resources

4-H groups can learn and practice skills in the conservation of natural resources such as soil, water, forests, grasslands, wildlife and energy.  Many kinds of conservation projects can be done by 4-H groups.


LG147, Planning 4-H Conservation Programs (order)

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4-H Million Tree project
Missouri 4-H members, families, project groups, community clubs, afterschool clubs, school enrichment programs, and camps are invited to participate in the 4-H Million Tree Project. This daunting project was conceived after a Pacifica (CA) 4-H member, decided to do something to combat global climate change. Here is a 4-H service project that improves the quality of our environment.
The Vision: 1,000,000 new trees planted by 4-H youth across the United States and Canada means:

  • Native trees will add beauty and heritage to urban, suburban, and rural communities across the nation.
  • Improved local air quality
  • New trees absorb runoff, and bring groundwater to the surface
  • Shade from these trees can help cool buildings, reducing air conditioning electricity needs, and eliminating pollution and carbon emission associated with this power generation
  • Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion by absorbing and sequestering about 48,000,000 million pounds of atmospheric carbon dioxide per year
  • New trees replace trees lost to deforestation worldwide
  • 4-H youth learn they make a difference and can change the world both individually and as a group.

Any 4-H member can participate, but we do ask that you take time to officially sign up as a participant and to report your tree plantings.

Additional information

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Garden 'n grow
The University of Missouri Extension Garden ’n Grow Program is a volunteer gardening program designed to educate youths about horticulture. Youths ages 8-12 are encouraged to participate. Not only will they learn about gardening, but also science, math, social studies, language arts – and have fun while learning! Each participant will plant and harvest his or her vegetables for home use and donation to the local food bank. The goals of this program are to teach young gardeners the pleasures of being outdoors and instill in them the importance of helping others. Garden ‘n Grow participants will develop a sense of self, a sense of usefulness and purpose, a sense of responsibility to contribute to society, and a feeling of success.

For more information, contact Mary Kroening, MU Extension specialist, at 573-882-9633 or kroeningm@missouri.edu.


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Can't find something?  Contact 4hyouth@missouri.edu (please include your county) or 573-882-9359

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