liberty, tree, community service, service-learning, dent, missouriThe Liberty Tree Project, sponsored by Crader Distributing and the Missouri 4-H Foundation, is a great example of how a 4-H group can work together to plan and carry out a service-learning project.

Through this project, 4-Hers build relationships and gain new knowledge, while enhancing the natural environment and building community pride. 

In this photo, Spring Creek 4-H Club members (Dent County) plant a Liberty Tree at the Bonebrake Center of Nature and History in Salem, Missouri.



State specialist contact: Steven A. Henness

LO12 Community Service-Learning

4-H'ers work as a group to develop and carry out a project aimed at enhancing their community or world. Community service-learning projects achieve learning objectives set by the group and give 4-H'ers opportunities to reflect and think critically about their service.

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