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State team tryouts

Congratulations to our 2018 State Team Members!

Tryouts for team 2019

The selection process for the nine state shooting teams begins this fall after the completion of the state shoot. 4-H youth selected for the state shooting teams will represent Missouri 4-H at the National Invitational Match to be held June 23 - June 28 in Grand Island, Nebraska. Any 4-H Shooting Sports member who is in good standing with their county program, enrolled in the appropriate project number and at least 14 years old (must be 14 years old by December 31, 2017) may participate in the selection process. If numbers and space allows, 13-year-olds may participate for the experience, but are not eligible for the state team. Nearly all of the team selection process is comprised of multiple try out dates  Each team has a unique process and may have unique pre-registration due date, so read carefully. Written pre-registration is required with payment. Telling the state instructor does not qualify for pre-registration.

The pre-Registration form can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Pre-registration cost:  

$20 fee for 1st team tryouts, $10 for additional team try out.
Late entries (after due date) and walk-ins will be accepted for an additional $15 late fee ($35 total)

Tryout events:

The events shot at the try-outs may be different than state shoot events and definitely different than county events. Please familiarize yourself with the national 4-H shooting events. A PDF document for an event synopsis can be found in the supplemental materials at the bottom of this page. 

If selected, the youth must commit to participating in the national contest. Youth selected should be prepared for some financial obligations (most costs are provided) and be committed to practice with other team members and coach prior to the national.

NOTE:  A 4-H member may try out for more than one team. But when that team selection matches conclude, if the shooter’s scores qualifies for the team then he or she must decide at that time whether or not to be on that team. Shooters cannot continue the tryout process once selected to a team.
Remember, many state team members are not extremely skilled when they try out; the competition is not fierce. Don’t wait until you’re “good enough”; come and try out. If you don’t make the team this year, you will be much better prepared for next year. 

Equipment, ammunition and shooting supplies:  Provided by the shooter.

Youth are responsible for providing their own firearms or archery equipment and arrows/ammunition. Please refer to the event synopsis of these events. The synopsis is available from your extension center or from the Missouri 4-H Shooting Sports website.

State Team Selection Process:

The four individuals with the highest applicable scores will be given the opportunity to represent Missouri as a state team member. The fifth highest scorer will be selected as an alternate, but will only attend the national match if one of the four cannot.  An individual may only try out for 1 discipline per day. Those not making a team on that day are welcome to try for another team during following tryouts but must notify if trying for another team. 

Selection of team members will be announced at the conclusion of the last in the series of try-outs.  Selected team members and parents are to remain for an orientation, questions and answers, and planning period to get acquainted, meet coaches, and arrange practices and travel arrangements.
Meals and lodging:

During tryouts, meals and lodging are on your own.
Financial requirements for state team members:  

A $145 good faith deposit will be expected at the time of team selection. Team members will also be asked to participate in other efforts to raise funds for the state teams,such as raffle tickets. If enough funds are raised, a portion of the deposit will be distributed back to the team members. If you are not ready to make this commitment, please do not sign up for the state qualifier. Team members may solicit local funding and contributions to subsidize their expense. Many county 4-H councils will contribute to participants in national events. Please check with your local 4-H staff person for advice and guidance. Parents are encouraged to make the National match a family vacation and attend with their child.
Missouri 4-H Shooting Sports Commitment to teams and coaches — If fundraising efforts are successful (as anticipated), the Missouri Shooting Sports program will pay the registration fee and lodging for team members and coaches and provide several meals. Historically, most parents travel as a family to the national match to observe their child. If parents cannot go, then other travel arrangements will be made for that team member.

For all Tryouts, check-in starts at 8:00 AM (except Hunting Skills--see below). 


  • Final Scores
  • Shotgun Team Members:
    • Gaven Hale - Bates County
    • Hunter Todd - Lafayette County
    • Kaitlyn Davis - Texas County
    • Austin Butteris - Pulaski County
    • Alternate: Jared Henderson - Lewis County
    • Coach: James Walls


  • Final Scores
  • Compound Team Members:
    • Garrett Peck - Boone County
    • Alex Smith - Nodaway County
    • Justin Hall - Gasconade County
    • Kaci Persell - Grundy County
    • Alternate: Jonathon Stimpson - Sullivan County
    • Coach: Terry Allen

  • Recurve Team Members:
    • Brett Pennington - Jasper County
    • Kendra Betz - Sullivan County
    • Megan Kirk - Boone County
    • Bryce Wosoba - Cedar County
    • Alternate: Nathan Meek - DeKalb County
    • Coach: Phill Threatt

Smallbore Rifle (.22)

  • Final Scores
  • Team Member:
    • Trent Polley - Linn County
    • Tyler Polley - Linn County
    • Trae Hoerrmann - Linn County
    • Kyle Gann - Saline County
    • Alternate: Kris Walker - Macon County
    • Coach: Mike Bershears











  • Final Scores
  • Team Members: 
    • Brandon Allen -  Gasconade County
    • Jared Braun - Cole County
    • Jason Haselhorst - Cole County
    • Sadie Ramirez - Jasper County
    • Alternate: Jackson Black  - Cole County
    • Coaches: Walter Branson and Rusty Howard











Smallbore Pistol (.22)  

  • Final Results
  • Team Members:
    • Taylor Riley - Cole County
    • Haley Acton - Boone County
    • Jacob Penrod - Taney County
    • Nicholas Newton - Saline County
    • Coach: Jason Sherwood

Air Rifle

  • Final Scores
  • Team Members:
    • Johnathan Stimpson - Sullivan County
    • Shelby Stille - Montgomery County
    • Taylor Thiessen - Boone County
    • Toni Haselhorst - Cole County
    • Alternate: Caiden Blake - Vernon County
    • Coach: Zach Painter

Air Pistol

  • Final Scores
  • Team Members:
    • Andi Riley - Cole County
    • Shelby Manning - Cooper County
    • Emily Bowles - Jasper County
    • Kaitlynn Foster - Lincoln County
    • Coach: Bob McCullom

Hunting Skills

  • Team Members:
    • Bryar DeLashmutt - Callaway County
    • Thomas Endecott - Cass County
    • Brock Allen – Linn County
    • Jacob  Byers - Linn County
    • Alternate: McKinzie Branson – Warren County
    • Coach Bill Athey – Jasper County


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