Shooting Sports

State specialist contact: James Sappington

SS740 Shooting Sports Safety

SS741 Archery

Learn how to tune out all distractions, while shooting either a compound or recurve bow; by focusing on form and release, for either traditional or Olympic style shooting, to build self-esteem in a fun and rewarding way.

SS742 Air Rifle (BB and/or Pellet)

Experience the Standard Air Rifle along with the Aperture Air Rifle while learning about target diversity in a standing, prone and kneeling position 10 meters (33 feet.) from the target.

SS743 Smallbore Rifle (.22 cal.)

Learn about breathing techniques, sight picture and sight alignment, along with trigger control; while building a comfortable and stable standing, kneeling, sitting and prone position.

SS745 Shotgun

Learn about teamwork while busting clays in trap, skeet and sporting clays.
Age guidelines: 11 years of age and older*

SS747 Smallbore Pistol

Learn basic shooting skills and utilize them in hunting small game; or for competition on paper to steel targets ranging from 25 to 100 yards.
- 14 years and older*
- Previously completed 10 hours of instruction and practice of SS744 Air Pistol project OR (if at least 16 years old, may participate in lieu of the SS744 project requirement, if they pass a competency test, written test, and skill demonstration administered by a certified pistol instructor).
- Written parental permission

SS748 Muzzleloading

Experience how to properly load and fire a black powder firearm when aiming at a variety of target types.
Age Guidelines:
-11 years of age and older*
-Recommend at least one year participation in SS742 Air Rifle, or 743 Smallbore Rifle.

SS749 Hunting and Outdoor Skills

This project has no association with the Missouri Department of Conservation Hunter Education class. It is a 4-H project designed for those members interested in hunting, game or non-game wildlife, observation and concealment skills, the relationship of people and wildlife, and other hunting/wildlife related subjects. Requires leader certification.

SS750 Western Heritage and Cowboy Shooting

In order to offer this program, volunteer leaders must be trained and certified by 4-H. The western heritage training and certification workshop is conducted separately from the regular workshop and is offered only once a year.

Purpose: to provide an avenue for 4-H members to experience the lifestyles and cultures of the Old West through a living history approach to learning.

Objectives: Preserve and gain an appreciation for the heritage of the Old West within the time period of 1860-1900. Teach in a living history style by using historically accurate firearms, clothing and accessories while participating in the 4-H Western Heritage Project. Instill in 4-H members an investigative interest in Missouri and western history that will lead to personal research and increased knowledge of the Old West.

Participation guidelines: 4-H members, 11-18 years of age who have completed at least on year in 4-H Shooting Sports rifle, pistol (air/smallbore), muzzleloading or shotgun. However, young people ages 11-13 are not eligible to participate with revolvers.

SS744 Air Pistol

Beginning from a seated and supported position, youth will progress to a two-handed standing position and finally to a one-handed International style shooting position.

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