Shooting Sports
Safety requirements

All 4-H members wishing to enroll in a Shooting Sports project (SS741-SS749) for the first time must complete 6 hours of instruction in shooting sports safety. Young people are encouraged to enroll in a shooting sports discipline project (SS741-SS749) during the same year. The SS740 project does not count against the project limitation. 

Procedure for the SS740 Shooting Sports Safety project: 

  • The project should be completed in a short time period — in two or three meetings within a week.
  • Local certified 4-H Shooting Sports volunteers present the 6 hour safety instruction.
  • All shooting disciplines of the 4-H Shooting Sports program are to be covered in the 6 hours of safety instruction.
  • Instructions must use the draft 4-H S Safety Curriculum as the core curriculum, available at your local University of Missouri Extension center.
  • The SS740 Shooting Sports Safety course must be completed prior to the youth participating in a discipline project (SS741-SS749) but need only complete it once.
  • It is strongly suggested that 8- and 9-year-old members* repeat the safety instruction a second year.

*Ages for the shooting sports project are based on 4-H age (age on Dec. 31 of the current program year).