Show Me Character
Character Connections in 4-H

Apply Six Pillars to 4-H Members

Being a person of character involves all parts of one's life, including one's 4-H projects!  A 4-H member of character:

  • Works hard to improve their knowledge in that project area.
  • Helps out other members in the same project.
  • Does not cheat at competitions or fairs.
  • Respects club leaders, extension faculty, and other members.
  • Participates in all their activities with a positive attitude.
  • Participates in community service activities alongside their projects.

Introduce Six Pillars to 4-H Groups

Character Connections lessons introduce the Six Pillars to 4-H groups:

Connect Six Pillars to 4-H Project Work

Character Connections guides link the Six Pillars to specific 4-H project areas: