Show Me Character
Character at Home

Practice Character At Home

Parents, guardians, and adult family members can do many things to teach and encourage their child(ren) to be of good character: 

  • Teach your child that character counts--that their success and happiness will depend on who they are inside, and not what they have of how they look. Tell them that people of character know the difference between right and wrong because they guide their thoughts and actions by some basic rules of living.
  • Be an advocate for character. Don’t be neutral about the importance of character or casual about improper conduct.
  • Be a good role model. Hold yourself to the highest standards. Remember, everything you do and don’t do, sends a message about your values. When you slip, act the way you want others to behave when they act improperly- be accountable, apologize sincerely and resolve to do better.
  • Praise good behavior and discourage bad behavior by imposing fair, consistent consequences that prove you are serious about character. Show courage and firmness by enforcing the core values when it is difficult or costly to do so.
  • Give each child time, attention and affection.
  • Treat others with mutual respect.
  • Model and teach good manners.
  • Share your ethical beliefs
  • Expect and demand good character.
  • Utilize moral reasoning and good ethical decision-making.
  • Evaluate whether the TV shows, videos and movies are teaching lessons you want your children to live by.
  • Look for daily ways to encourage and reinforce behaviors demonstrating good character.
  • Develop high expectations, predetermined rules and consistently applied consequences for your child’s behavior.
  • Read to your children and keep character related literature in your home.
  • Bring up developmentally appropriate topics for discussion and ask, “What is the right thing to do?”
  • Help your child enjoy non-material rewards.
  • Discuss the meanings of holidays and the true spirit behind the special day.
  • Look for daily teachable moments.
  • Demonstrate kind acts and help people in need.