Show Me Nutrition

The Family Nutrition Education Program (FNEP) offers classes in Missouri schools for kindergarten through grade 12 that meet the criteria for low income participants.  Classes are taught by trained nutrition educators working in cooperation with classroom teachers. 

For information on the availability of Show Me Nutrition in your area, contact your county MU Extension office.

Nutrition series lessons include:

Adventures in Nutrition with the Show-Me Chef (kindergarten)

Students practice new skills, such as tasting healthy foods, washing their hands and having fun moving their bodies.

Fun with Food and Fitness (first grade)

Students are introduced to MyPyramid and learn that they need to eat a variety of foods from the five major food groups to grow and stay healthy. They learn the difference between commercials and
regular TV programming so they can begin to understand how ads influence food choices. 

Building MyPyramid (second grade)

Students learn that eating a variety of healthy foods from MyPyramid + being active = good health. To help them build a healthy body image, students learn that healthy bodies come in all sizes and shapes. Students become “ad-busters” by learning about techniques advertisers use to persuade consumers to buy food.

Building My Body (third grade)

Students identify essential macro and micro nutrients, use the food label to choose healthy foods, use the fat content information of foods to choose a fast food meal, learn about the digestive system and body cues, and use decision-making to make healthy food choices. They also identify advertising techniques using current ads.

Choosing Foods for Me (fourth grade)

Students learn the recommended daily amounts of food to eat from MyPyramid. They use food labels to make healthy food choices and learn how to make healthy choices when eating out. They analyze how social influences like family, media, peers and coaches affect body image and learn that physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Exploring MyPyramid (fifth grade)

Preteens use MyPyramid to make healthy choices based on the nutrients in each food group. They learn to use food labels to identify foods high in fat and sugar. They learn the importance of making physical activity part of a healthy lifestyle and developing a positive body image. 

Digging Deeper (sixth grade)

Students gain the skills they need to make the most of their own food decisions. Appearances are of great concern to preteens, so Digging Deeper stresses the importance of physical activity to help them look and feel good. Students learn that calorie needs are based on age, gender and activity level. They also learn the difference in high-nutrient and low-nutrient foods.

Choices and Challenges (seventh and eighth grades)

This curriculum helps develop critical thinking and decision making skills about important issues like maintaining a healthy body image, the health risks of eating disorders and the advertising tactics used to sell products to teens. Other skills stressed include fitting physical activity into our daily lives, advocating for a community that supports physical activity, making healthy fast-food choices, food shopping and healthy cooking.