SF725 Sportfishing 1

Tie knots, cast to a target, rig various lines, select tackle,identify where fish are, identify fish and internal and external fish parts.

  • Fishing 1 - Take the Bait

  • SF726 Sportfishing 2

    Cast using a spinning rod and fly rod and bait casting reel, practice responsible citizenship, research fishing regulations, decorate a lure, sew a fly wallet, tie an artificial fly & test a water sample.

  • Fishing 2 - Reel in the Fun

  • SF727 Sportfishing 3

    Youth develop their leadership and fishing skills as they take a friend fishing, demonstrate how to disassemble and reassemble a fishing reel, design and conduct a sportfishing skillathon, make artificial flies, design and craft a lure, customize tackle, build and use a kick net, respond to ethical situations, and interview a professional fisherman.

  • Fishing 3 - Cast Into The Future

  • SF For All Levels

    Introduction to Fishing from the Missouri Department of Conservation can be requested using this form.

    Casting Skills: Learn techniques and tips for casting safely, and making your lure go where the fish are!

    4-H Fishing - Gyotaku - Japanese fish art: Using fish to make creative art! Along the way, you’ll learn more about fish biology and fish management. This is a great winter or rainy day project!

    4-H Fishing - Inline Spinner: Learn to make your own inline spinners for catching fish in just about any environment.

    4-H Fishing - Knot Tying: Every successful fisherman has a few favorite knots that fit special circumstances. Learn improved knots and learn some new ones.

    4-H Fishing – Resources: Sportfishing volunteers have a wealth of information available to them. Get an overview of the materials available and useful ideas for how to use that information with 4-H members.

    4-H Fishing - Worms and Jigheads: Make your own rubber worms and jigheads. Save money and add your own special flourishes to catch fish.


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