State 4-H Teen Conference

                       March 12-13, 2016                            For ages 11-13 
                             Columbia, Mo.                    



Teen Conference is a fun-filled, two-day event for ages 11-13, planned by your State 4-H Council to promote belonging, independence, generosity and mastery by

  • creating opportunities to make 300 new friends from across Missouri,
  • building leadership skills through quality learning experiences,
  • connecting youth with older peer leaders on the State 4-H Council, and
  • looking at the exciting opportunities that await as a 4-H teenager.

Registration is available through 4HOnline! 

      Registration deadline is January 31, 2016.  No registrations can be accepted after that date.

For more information, email Bradd Anderson, State 4-H Youth Development Specialist at

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