10-year-old's dog biscuits offered at Mo. State Fair 4-H event

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Benton County 4-H members and sisters Hannah Anderson, left, and Brooke Anderson like dogs of all sizes, including the family pets Buddy, Sunshine, Cutie Pie and Bella. Brooke will sell dog bandanas and biscuits at the 4-H Show-Me Wares event at the Missouri State Fair.

Credit: Jamie Anderson

Brooke Anderson, 10, will sell bandanas and biscuits for dogs at the 4-H Show-Me Wares at the Missouri State Fair. She is one of 16 youths chosen statewide to offer their products through 4-H's entrepreneurship project.

Credit: Jamie Anderson

Published: Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Steven A. Henness, 573-884-6618

IONIA, Mo. – Dogs, big and small.  Benton County Searchers 4-H member Brooke Anderson hopes to sell her bacon- and peanut-butter-flavored dog biscuits to them at the seventh annual Show-Me 4-H Wares at the Missouri State Fair, 1-5 p.m. on Aug. 9 at the Mizzou Central Building.

Anderson is one of 16 youth statewide chosen to sell projects they have made through the University of Missouri Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development’s entrepreneurship program. This is the fourth year she has participated.

The 10-year-old’s love of dogs helped her launch the dog biscuit business. Her dogs include a Labrador-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, a golden retriever, a Great Pyrenees and a toy Australian shepherd. She and her 13-year-old sister, Hannah, show the dogs at the county and state fairs.

She also will sell dog bandanas printed with designs of different breeds of dogs. The bandanas and aprons are part of Anderson’s 4-H sewing project. Her mother, owner of Anderson Designs, is her sewing project leader and also is one of the county’s club leaders.

Anderson will have a busy week at the state fair. In addition to the Show-Me Wares project, she will be competing in the egg competition for the county, and will show her rabbits, dogs, hams and bacon slabs.

Anderson was recently named the Benton County Fair Princess.  She is a substitute 4-H club representative for the county fair board and is historian for the county council.

Her projects include scrapbooking, sewing, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, country cured hams, ceramics, arts and crafts, buying clothes, Photography I, and Be the E. Her dog biscuits and dog grooming kit qualified for state fair competition.

She is the daughter of Jamie and Stace Anderson of Ionia.