Youth Futures

What is the cost to attend the conference?

If you are chosen to attend the Youth Futures Conference, your fees have already been paid. Fees that have been paid for you include: housing, meals, activities, and all program activities. The only out-of-pocket expense is the cost of a meal at a fast food restaurant.

What are the benefits of attending the conference?

You will:

  • become familiar with college life
  • learn about college enrollment procedures
  • learn about applying for and receiving financial aid
  • attend workshops and activities designed to help you succeed in 
  • college
  • take a practice ACT test to help you prepare for college 
  • applications
  • receive a life long appreciation for the college experience
  • understand that college is an obtainable goal

What happens after I attend the conference?

Your youth worker, or mentor, will contact you at least four times a year to talk about preparing for college. He or she will help you as you make college plans such as applying for college and financial aid,  determining your course of study in college and other things you wish to discuss. We want to know that you are succeeding in your pursuit of a college degree.

What do former youth participants say about what they learned 
during their Youth Futures experience?

"That attitude is everything. I can do it!"

" All your high school years count; scholarships are easy to get if you 
study hard."

" I knew college was important but I'm going off earlier than planned."

" I am happy that I got the privilege to attend this conference."

How do I apply for the conference?

Contact Donna Garcia at or 573-882-3391.