Career Explorations

Your career awaits! Learn how to prepare for a career that interests you. Decide what kinds of work are a good match for your talents and abilities. Discover choices for education and training after high school, and what they cost. Investigate salaries, benefits, and careers in demand. Create a career portfolio. Learn how job shadowing and volunteer work can take you down the path to your chosen career.

State specialist contact: Steven A. Henness

CE100 Career Explorations

Target Audience: Senior (age 14-18)

• Identify how your skills and interests tie in to career choices
• Find and land an internship
• Identify college degrees and training you will need for your career
• Build a portfolio of career skills and abilities
• Explore entrepreneurship as a career option
• Learn how to search and apply for jobs, create a resume, and nail that interview

  • Build Your Future - Youth Notebook

  • Resources for all project levels

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