Projects and opportunities

4-H projects and opportunities fall into the eight topic areas listed on the menu to the left.   You can browse by topic, the alphabetical list, or if you are enrolling in projects you can view the list of all projects by number.

4-H members enroll in projects at the beginning of the academic year based on their personal interests and the availability of project leaders for their club. Not all projects are available to all clubs. Check with your club leader to find out what projects your club has available. Enrolling in a project is a committment to follow the curriculum, participate in project activities with your group or on your own, and have something to show for your effort at the end of the year.  Credit is given for project completion through your 4-H club and county MU Extension center.

Opportunities are ongoing statewide programs, camps, competitions and outings in which 4-Hers, clubs, families or schools may participate. Some opportunities, such as 4 Habitat are open to clubs to participate in as a group, while others, such as 4-H Day with the Tigers, are open to families and individuals.

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