Exploring 4-H Robotics is an ideal way to introduce science, math, engineering and technology while teaching life skills. Through hands-on activities, the 4-H Robotics projects teach basic concepts related to robotic subsystems such as structure, power, sensors, control and programming. These concepts are the foundation for building robots and robotic subsystems from a variety of materials and packaged kits. 4-H Robotics has projects for a wide variety of interests and available resources. Virtual Robotics teachs about robots with a computer game. Junk Draw Robitics teaches robotic concepts with low cost materials. Robotics Platforms is for groups with access to a robotics kit. FIRST Robotics is participation in a 4-H FIRST team. General 4-H Robotics is for learning about robotics with goals or materials that are not a good fit with the other 4-H Robotics projects.